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CSN Care Privacy Policy

CSN Care Group Ltd trading as Carewatch collects different types of information about the site and its users for the following reasons:

  • We use session based cookies to help improve our website.
  • To help improve the services CSN Care Group Ltd offers.
  • To provide personalised services unique to individual users.

We use session based cookies – this means that we use Google Analytics to ensure that our website provides you with a useful experience. This is non-personal information and simply provides us with information about the way you use the site, what pages you visited and how long you stayed here for example. Please review our Cookies Policy.

Registered Address

CSN Care Group Ltd

Unit 4 Rankin House, Murdoch Court
Roebuck Way, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes


Terms Of Use

How we use your data

We collect your personal information by way of a contact form submission. This information is used for understanding the reasons you wish to contact us, and for enabling us to contact you back. We will never send you unwanted emails. If you do opt-in to receive updates and news about CSN Care Group Ltd, then it will be made clear that you have done so, we will also always provide you with a clear opportunity to opt-out.

When you download guides and useful documents from our website, we only store the information you provided us via MailChimp which is an email service provider, fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), this enables us to communicate further information to you as agreed when you opt-in. Again, there is always the opportunity for you to opt-out and have your details removed.

We will never sell or give your details to a third party. You have the right to request any data we have about you by sending us a personal data request.

The basic information we need for form submission is your name, an email address and your address. We may also ask additional questions to help us to identify your enquiry more easily, or if you are applying for a job with CSN Care Group Ltd.

If you have any other enquiries regarding your privacy or rights under GDPR and CSN Care Group Ltd, please contact our Customer Care team by email at

Our Head Offices

Head Office – England

CSN Care Group Ltd
Rankin House, Unit 4,
Roebuck Way, Knowlhill,
Milton Keynes MK5 8GB
Tel: 01908 039530

Head Office – Scotland

CSN Care Group Ltd
Lower Ground Floor,
15 Alva Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4PH,
Tel: 0131 603 4449

Registered in Scotland, Company Number: SC617634